Happy Birthday, Kelly!

It’s Kelly’s birthday!! To celebrate, we thought we’d show this video made last fall when she was a junior. Last spring, Kelly enrolled in AP Biology and worked in a university biology lab with Dr. Morgan Steffen, an Assistant Professor of James Madison University’s Department of Biology. Now that Kelly’s a senior, she’s looking into college programs that will help her achieve her dreams of studying psychology and traveling the world.  Continue reading

SVSLI Spring 2015 Leadership Retreat

The theme for the third semi-annual meeting held at James Madison University was “Discovering the Strength of our Relationships.”  The goal of the retreat is to help SV-SLI members become more effective mentors and leaders through skill building workshops, relationship building activities, and informative learning sessions.  To learn more about retreat activities, read on:  Continue reading

Money Learns

This post was written by MCG member, Jeff.

Insert money to keep reading...

Insert money to continue studying…

Have you ever been to a dinner with a friend or client and you reach that awkward moment of who pays? Money in our society seems to always be a touchy subject. I share an uncomfortable feeling talking about my finances with others and vice versa – it feels like I’m dropping a veil that we all put up. However, money in this world is important to having access to almost anything, and education is no different.

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