SLI Documentaries: Media Professor Shaun Wright

Here is some of Shaun’s work on immigrant stories in the Shenandoah Valley:

Professor Shaun Wright of JMU’s School of Media Arts and Design (SMAD) has his college students create a documentary about SV-SLI students and immigration in the Shenandoah Valley. Watch this video of some of his work, and continue to read more. Continue reading

SVSLI Spring 2015 Leadership Retreat

The theme for the third semi-annual meeting held at James Madison University was “Discovering the Strength of our Relationships.”  The goal of the retreat is to help SV-SLI members become more effective mentors and leaders through skill building workshops, relationship building activities, and informative learning sessions.  To learn more about retreat activities, read on:  Continue reading

A Thanksgiving Lesson on Challenges

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving! My family and I went to Luray for a rejuvenating time of hiking, smores, and horseback riding. On the last day, though, our car broke down. My dad was able to get a ride back home and pick up a car to drive back to our family. I learned an important lesson here. Your plans are likely to get messed up, but this shouldn’t deter you from reaching your goals. Everyone has times when they wanted something to go perfect and it fell through. There is a key I’ve found to getting through these tough times. It’s attitude. When our car broke down I was pretty angry because it really threw a wrench in our plans. But my parents were looking at this malfunction as a challenge and had a good attitude about it. If the whole family was angry we would have had a much more difficult time getting home.


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