Student Resources

High School Students

Learn how to explore your interests, prepare for SATs and ACTs, find a job, and get help with homework.

Develop your own college action plan for your high school sophomore, junior, and senior years by looking at these examples.

College Students

Look over a few tips for building a successful and supportive mentoring relationship with your high school partner.

It’s never too soon to start planning for graduate school.  Check out these resources. [To be added]

Teachers, Counselors, and College Guidance Officers

[Material to be added]

Friends and Supporters in our Community

Hispanic communities and Latino families in the United States and in our Shenandoah Valley are rich tapestry of cultures. No single website or blog can capture the diversity of our communities and cultures, but here are a few sites that make us smile because they speak so beautifully. [More to be added]


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