Finding a Job

How to Find Potential Employers

It’s estimated that two out of three job openings are never advertised. To access this “hidden job market”, you must identify new potential employers and jobs through networking and research. This worksheet will help you structure your research. Record good sources of information below. Use the second page of the worksheet (print as many as needed) to note information about potential employers.

Identify Employers Worksheet PDF


How to Fill Out a Job Application

Helpful tips when filling out a job application; “Do’s” and “Don’ts”

Master Job App Worksheet PDF


Information Interview

Usually an information interview is conducted with someone who is currently working in a job in which you have interest, not necessarily someone who does the hiring. Though the purpose of the information interview is to learn more about an industry, a particular company/organization, or about the skills needed to be successful, there is nothing to prevent you from returning for a job interview at a later date.

Information Interview Worksheet PDF


Phone Interviews

You may occasionally need to set up interviews by phone. This is especially the case when you are looking for jobs in a distant location or are applying to companies that haven’t posted a job ad. First, obtain basic information about the company/organization (relevant job potential, address, phone number, etc.) from their website and note them on the second page of this worksheet. You can then call to set up an interview, using the sample phone script below as a guideline.

Phone Interview Worksheet PDF



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