Navigating Myths of Latino Masculinity

Christian knows that men tend to valorize “hard work” as a particular quality of masculinity. But when you listen to how he talks about the love, care, and mutual respect that defines his relationship with his father, you get the feeling that he’s spent some time thinking about the harmful myths of Latino masculinity that also exist in society. Continue reading

Peace and Positivity

“Ohhhh…It’s the BEST!” Just in time for the holiday season, Stewart reflects on what makes him happy. Soccer, video games, hanging out with friends, and his mom’s cooking. “It’s the BEST!” It makes us smile every time we see him say it. Stewart will be graduating in June 2019 which means he’ll spend November and December filling out college admission and scholarship applications. Stay positive, Stewart. We got your back! Big thanks to JMU students, Anthony Jewett and Kyle Johnson, of Shaun Wright’s course, SMAD 303 for capturing some of the best of Stewart.