About SLI Blog

Our blog is not simply a site for sharing information about SLI with the public, it’s a space for celebrating our SLI community and an opportunity for members of our SLI familia to find their voice.

Posts on our blog are an opportunity for contributors to reflect on their experiences as persons with different outlooks and different privileges, working together to achieve goals of the initiative and personal goals for a meaningful life. Our contributors include high school students selected as SLI scholars, college students who serve as their mentors, college students learning about grass-roots organizing, high school teachers committed to their students, college and university professors committed to serving the public, local professionals and businesspersons who mentor and support our high school and and college students, and board members committed to creating opportunity through access to higher education.

In the spirit of communal weblogging, posts by contributors are not edited.  Readers are encouraged to offer comments so as to invite thoughtful and supportive dialogue.  For it is through dialogue about issues facing Latin@s and other under-served students in education and society at-large that we can realize the power of our imaginations, recognize the gifts that we can share, and feel the love of humanity rather than shame.

~ Abrazos!


Want to get in touch with our SVSLI Blog? Send your e-mail to Dr. Carlos Aleman, SLI Director of Academic and Leadership Programs, Harrisonburg: alemancg@jmu.edu.

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