Alisia’s Gift

Is there anything more wonderful than overhearing parents speaking proudly of their child? Alisia’s parents have much to be proud of.  They’ve raised a wonderful daughter who will soon be chasing her college dream to be an elementary school teacher.

Parental support is often the most important factor for a child’s success in high school and college, but also for that child’s overall wellbeing. Raising a child can be challenging, but loving a child is its own reward. We want to give a special “thank you” to Alisia’s parents for loving and supporting her. We think she is a gift to the world.

Big thanks to Austin Folsom and Sommer Green for producing and editing this short film as part of their School of Media Arts and Design documentary production course at James Madison University. A longer version of this film was shown at the 2015 DocFest, at the Harrisonburg Court Square Theatre.

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