Meet Maria C – Class of 2016

Maria C. is a straight A student at Harrisonburg High School, who will also graduate with an Associate Arts degree from a local community college at the end of the year. Listen as she shares the tensions she sometimes feels from parents and teachers, and click to read more about Maria. 

Maria was inducted into SV-SLI at the start of her sophomore year in high school. Maria impressed everyone with her hard work and academic performance during that first year in the organization that program coordinators changed her status from SLI Member to SLI Scholar.

Maria is one of several SV-SLI Scholars participating in Blue Ridge Community College’s “Blue Ridge Scholars” Program, and intense, education opportunity program where a select individuals are eligible to complete 61 community college credit hours as they complete their high school degree. Maria will graduate with her Associate Arts degree from Blue Ridge Community College when she walks across the high school stage.

Like many new immigrants and first generation Americans moving into the college education system, Maria sometimes hears conflicting messages from family, teachers, and friends who want her to succeed, but also want to protect her from disappointment. Maria’s words below make it clear that she appreciates her family’s support and sacrifices, and the education opportunities made available in the United States.

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