Ninoska Crushes Her Sophomore Year!

Ninoska aced her sophomore year in high school! We love how she just beams when talking about going to college and studying design. Watch her video and continue to read more. One of five SV-SLI Scholars inducted at Harrisonburg High for the graduating Class of 2017, Ninoska has a rigorous course load and completes community service with Habitat for Humanity and Young Life. Go, Ninoska!!

 [Thanks to Professor Shaun Wright’s documentary class at JMU in Fall semester, 2014. A longer version of this promotional recording was made and screened at Court Square Theatre in Harrisonburg in December, 2014.  Thanks to JMU’s School of Media, Arts and Design (SMAD), School of Communication Studies (SCOM), and the Court Square Theatre!]

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