The Hardwork of Success

As I was preparing my last post of my learning experience with SVSLI, I paused to  reflect on all the hard work I’ve done this semester.  I admit, in high school I dreaded  long reading assignments, complicated math homework, and confusing biology exams. Growing up, I  thought “school” was just a place where we were all forced to learn about difficult things. I later realized what the word “education” really meant.

Merriam-Webster defines education as, “The knowledge, skill, and understanding that you get from attending a school, college, or university.”  What I’ve learned is that it is the bridge that guides us from childhood to adulthood. It is a long process of growth and the slow acquisition of maturity. With that being said, it’s not easy. School work can be extremely challenging, and class itself can be boring at times. But at the end of the day, the hard work put into studying and writing papers is hard work towards preparing for a successful career.

Nestor Zavala knows all about this, as does Jazmin Beltran, a freelance news reporter for Univision Chicago.  Quoted in the Chicago Tribune, Beltran states, “Success is a stairway, not a doorway.”  If you’re as inspired by her quote as I was, then read on!  Chicago Tribune.

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