Not Bored at the Board Meeting!

I attended my first board meeting on Thursday the 8th, and I am especially glad that I did. I was able to meet the committees involved in Shenandoah Latinos Scholars Initiative and those that help out. For me, it was great to finally meet everyone and once again put names to faces. I appreciated the fact that these people value the program as much as my group does and their enthusiasm for where the program will go was refreshing. Big plans are coming!

Sandy’s enthusiasm for the scholars also warmed my heart. She mentioned how much these children have changed her life and wishes that everyone could meet them. I agree with her whole heartedly because as I posted before, meeting the students made the program for me. Because the program is just getting off the ground, things are shaky and a little uncertain. As she mentioned, it’s when you remember the students that you remember why we put so much effort into this program.

As a student, I also feel that I am learning how to promote causes such as this. I know that I hope to get involved or start a nonprofit when I graduate, and I am learning invaluable skills that I can apply when I too start to get my feet wet. I learned that this program is bigger than what it seems and the importance of thanking all those that are involved is invaluable. We also discussed how to reach out to larger audiences to really promote this awesome program.

As my group’s time with the program comes to an end, I wish the best for the organization in all of its efforts. From the strides already made, I can only imagine where this program will go. I will be studying abroad in London this spring semester but I look forward to returning to the program to see the progress made. I am grateful for the work I have been able to do and the knowledge learned.

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