A Look into the Board

This post is by MCG member Jonathan

After attending the SVSLI Board Meeting for the first time I was overwhelmed by the many open warm hearted people I met.  The board community is filled with good-standing individuals in the community waiting for opportunities to help anyone in a time of need.  After being there for only the first couple minutes, I started to feel welcomed and appreciated by this group of extraordinary people.  I couldn’t do much but smile as I sat down at the round table of professionals, thinking to myself ‘These people are here for the same reasons just like me, to help where help is needed’.  As we waited for the meeting to begin, I noticed the board members had developed a strong relationship with each other as though most are long time friends.  But as the time got closer for the meeting to start, all friendly conversations came to a pause to address the main reasons we were all gathered there: to do everything in our power to help these Latino Scholars get an important college education.

The main topics of the meeting were discussed in the beginning, but as the meeting progressed the board members broke up into committees where they discussed topics in greater detail.  These committees were things like fundraising & events, mentors, marketing & public relations, college relations, board recruitment, and last but not least budget & finance.  Budget and Finance  seems to be the most important to the board members because without this the scholars might not get the opportunity they deserve.  As the meeting ended, I was taken back by the great ideas and suggestions this group put forth.  I was also impressed by the wonderful people I met at the meeting.  I can’t wait for the next board meeting to discuss the progress of the plans set forth. Truly these board members are a few of most caring people I ever met, and SVSLI is very lucky to have such a promising board!

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