Meeting the SVSLI Scholars and Mentors at a JMU Soccer Game

This post is by MCG member Colleen for SVSLI

On September 28th I met with the Latino Scholars and their mentors for the first time. We met at the JMU women’s soccer team match. Although we lost the game, it did not hurt their spirit! Following the game, we all went to a potluck to get to know each other a little more. I was so glad to put faces to the organization. The scholars are truly special and it really shined in the little time I spent with them. Each scholar has so much potential and drive that I wish I had in high school. Already they are involved in other programs and are starting to better further their education. Each student is truly unique and has promising ideas for the future!


I also was able to meet two of the mentors. Each mentor truly has their scholar’s interest at heart. Both mentors are successful students who are reaching out to these scholars to help them adjust to school and offer advice. When talking to them, I know that they wish they would have had a program such as this to help them adjust. I could see the friendships bonding as we all gathered for some home cooked food, which I was starving for. Kudos to the cook!

I am truly impressed by the organization. There are so many promising students in the world that with some funding and guidance can achieve their dreams. Everyone I have met is looking out for each other and working towards a similar goal. I am very thankful and excited to be a part of the program! I know that with more time our relationships will grow stronger and the program will be better known.

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